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asian familyLa JaJa Kids is proud to host the annual 2018 KidsFest and Family Expo on October 14 in Arcadia Community Center. KidsFest and Family Expo is designed to inform, entertain, educate, and inspire parents and children of all ages. A new “Family Swap Meet” is added for the first time.


Parenting is a challenge! Kids Fest and Family Expo was conceived to address the needs and to provide solutions to modern day Chinese parents in adapting to Western culture and preserving Chinese traditions and customs. Until now, a forum addressing adapting to both cultures did not exist for the L.A. Chinese community. However, Kids Fest and Family Expo has emerged and will present and provide answers to questions, solutions to dilemmas, and ways to negotiate a smooth path. Kids Fest and Family Expo recognizes that Chinese parents have questions.

  • “How do I teach my children to face the challenges of Chinese and Western cultures and thrive?”
  • “What kind of tutoring is most useful for students in the American education system?”
  • “What are the most suitable extra-curricular activities for my children? “ And many more…..

Fortunately, these questions have answers. And those answers will be at the La JaJa Kids, Kids Fest and Family Expo, the first of its kind parenting convention for L.A. Chinese families. Featured are:

  • Educational, information exhibits
  • Entertainment and information exhibits for children
  • Games, performances, meeting exciting public figures
  • Having FUN
  • Experts in various areas of child development,
  • A wide array of product and services info booths

La JaJa Kids is committed to providing answers to the L.A. Chinese community and solutions to parents through Expo’s such as Kids Fest and Family Expo.