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PIANO MOM – Wendy Chen


Learning piano is not only a lesson, but also an interaction between parents and children, and child development. It can possibly build up kid’s behavior, discipline, and not to give up easily. “This is a piano parenting class for Moms and Dads. 5 sessions could save up to 9+months,” Wendy said.

Parents are busy nowadays and it’s getting harder for them to spend time with kids. Therefore, Wendy set the demo as a logical concentrated class, so adults can understand within five lessons. However, younger age of children may need to spend 5 times -10 times longer to understand. Parents, whether have learned or not learned the piano, the sessions can help parents to understand more about piano with card games provided by Wendy. After the demo sessions ended, they can take the card games package back to home and play with the children slowly. And surprisingly, they just need to spend 5-10 minutes a day, which can also build a good interaction with children.

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Wendy 設計了一套教材, 是用自創卡遊戲來幫助小朋友快速讀譜喔!

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爸爸媽媽們學完五堂課後不單可帶Wendy老師的一套教材跟小朋友在家裡玩,還可以加入Piano Mom,有自己的卡片喔!