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KidsFest & Family Expo is coming to Arcadia

As parents, we often have to worry about all kinds of parenting dilemma: “How to teach children to face the challenges of Chinese and Western cultures and grow?”, “What kind of tutoring for children in U.S. schools to learn really useful?”, “What are the most suitable for extra-curricular activities their children? “, etc. Faced with these important issues, and parents often because of lack of means and resources to find information, but missed the best educational opportunities, but also hinders the establishment of paternity.

Asians living in the American society minorities, are confronted daily with language differences and cultural impact, and as parents, to unfamiliar American education system and different cultural ethos, the cultivation of a child can maneuver in Chinese and Western culture, and finally to thrive timber, even it is not easy!

In fact, every year there are a variety of mainstream communities of different sizes Kids Expo, so that parents have the opportunity to go for their children choose the right activity or interest groups. In the Chinese community, is the lack of such an information platform, JaJa garden hoping to break precedent, organized the first carnival for children belonging to the Chinese community and educational exhibition for parents who find educational information and various professional schools or educational experts take on the bridge. This is a children’s entertainment and education coexist exhibition, kids can play games, watch performances, interactive learning with a celebrity; parents can personally discuss with the authority of experts of various problems of child development, but also in all kinds of data and information is complete booth to find the most suited to their children’s education information.

JaJa Corner realize the needs of the Chinese community is willing to do everything we can play a part in the community; hope all of JaJa who, like the spring flowers bloom like, nurtured by their parents and care, the healthy and robust growth .