Our Mission

La JaJa Kids’ mission is to help Chinese families achieve a balanced, healthy, and fulfilled life through conscious parenting education and resources.

Adopting the whole child approach, where health, fitness, arts, music science, academic excellence, as well as social-emotional learning are greatly emphasized, we aim to provide an effective platform for Chinese families to maximize their children’s potential.

Growing up in Hong Kong, Anne inherited a diverse cultural background from her parents, and absorbed the languages, arts and cultures through their inspiration.  She is now focused on raising her two kids to embrace their Chinese heritage and culture.

Anne left for California to pursue her academic dreams, and spent a decade in San Francisco in marketing communication and e-banking fields, before returning to Southern California to build a family. Now she juggles the roles of entrepreneur, wife, mother and daughter, and feels lucky when she doesn’t drop the ball too often.

When not working at la JaJa Kids, Anne enjoys spending her leisure time with her family seeking out delicious foods, hidden hiking trails and exotic travel spots.


Chinese-American Demographics and La JaJa kids Statistics

Chinese-American Population1:

  • in Greater Los Angeles: 528,248
  • in 43 cities in LA County: 303,383

Chinese-American as Immigrants2:

  • 71.8% are born outside of the US
  • 26.7% children under 18 are born outside of the US

Asian-American Median Household Income2:

  • <$70,644
  • Highest among all race groups

Parents with High Education (Children ages 6-18)2

  • 50.6% Mothers have Bachelor’s or higher degree
  • 56.6% Fathers have Bachelor’s or higher degree
  • #1 Family Weekly eNewsletter for Chinese Parents (over 7,200 subscribing families)
  • Children’s Ages
    0 – 5  27%
    6 – 11  39%
    12 – 14  18%
    15 – 18  9%
  • 42,239 Website Views (2016)
  • 2,100 Facebook Followers
  • Social media: YouTube, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter
  • 24,000 Total Event Attendance (2012-2016)

1 As of 2014

2 National Center for Education Statistics 2015 Report

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