Cotillion was a wonderful experience for me as a young boy. At eight years old, I was tall for my age, played video games for most of the time I wasn't in school, and had never really befriended more than my few oldest friends. One day, one of my friends suggested that I come with him to the introductory cotillion class. I didn't expect much, dancing with girls didn't appeal to me very much at that age.

The first day there, I was almost scared. Aside from my one friend, I didn't really know anybody at the cotillion. But I was genuinely surprised at what came next. It turned out that cotillion was so much more than a simple ballroom dance class. I quickly met many other children my age and with them, learned the basics from waltz, tango to the foxtrot.

I continued with cotillion for 6 more years until I became a cotillion teen assistant. It was wonderful, I felt like I was a part of something larger because I was learning, as an individual, ballroom dancing and how to greet and talk with people. That is why I loved cotillion the most.

Justin T. (17 years old)

The program is terrific! We are enjoying all aspects, dancing, games, etiquette and hope you continue to offer the program.

- - - - Parent of two